Sunday, October 9, 2011

Aleyagarden and ebay buyer's protection

Regarding live plants from Aleyagarden how does the buyer's protection policy compare to ebay buyer's protection policy ?

When buying at Aleyagarden you are protected by Paypal buyer's protection policy against non delivery if the parcel is not at the customs. When buying on ebay, buyer's protection consists of the same Paypal's buyer protection plus a feedback rating : the buyer can use the feedback rating on ebay to force the seller to refund or resend the plants ( under a 98% satisfaction an ebay seller has a risk of being frozen by ebay and is at disadvantage in search engine placement ). When not buying on ebay only the threat of public critic or negative feedback on forum could force the seller, but there are limitations to that as readers will not follow and even will act the opposite way if they feel that the buyer is abusing as the seller acted in accordance with conditions of sale easily viewable. Indeed a negative statement or organized critics in a forum in order to force a seller off conditions of sale or shoot down a competitor, if followed by loads of positive testimonies from repeat buyers will increase visits of the targeted shop and tend to increase sales. Also legal retaliation is an option. The conditions of sale will be the main point in the court sentence. Aleyagarden does not offer compensations off conditions of sale, not even exceptionally and not even to repeat buyers.

Are Live Plants eligible for ebay-Paypal protection ? from our experience only the feedback rating on ebay could force a plant seller to resend / refund plants that arrived damaged : live plants are not eligible for ebay or Paypal protection against item not as described, they are in the non-tangible item category, although they are physical goods. Live plants are like other intangible items and like customs made items, services, cars, airline flight tickets, licenses, digital goods : a claim on the basis that the plants were damaged on arrival or that they were significantly not as described won't be accepted in buyer's favor by ebay or Paypal. If the claim is for a non received item, ebay / Paypal will wait for the postal investigation stating that the parcel is lost and is not with the customs.

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