Monday, May 30, 2011

Hoya praetorii : hard to root, slow grower, more risky ... and more expensive

I received Hoya praetorii : I am disappointed, is a courtesy gesture possible from your side ?

Thank you for your suggestive picture. On May 2011 we are selling rooted H. praetorii 20$ ( 16$ with discount ) - on picture here -, bare cuttings 12.8$ ( 10.24$ after discount). So yes this species of Hoya is by far much more expensive than others... and for this price it is more risky to grow and much slower to root than others !.

It is a common problem with plant sales : more expensive cars are rarer and stronger, but more expensive plants are usually rarer because they are more difficult to cultivate, and not because they are stronger !. Also plants that are more difficult
to root and grow always grow more slowly so that at a given age they also tend to be smaller than others. So yes H. praetorii will be more expensive, smaller, harder to root and slower growers than most other Hoyas. We can only be annoyed but we cannot, unfortunately for our disappointed clients - and for us because they will leave us - link this fact to a form of compensation. The same goes for our conditions of sale : we must accept not to make exceptions and lose clients if we want to remain fair to those who remain with us !

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