Monday, August 8, 2011

Italian customs : the low value of an EMS parcel content is suspect and consignee should contact ??

Invoice and phytosanitary certificate were inside the parcel. The cost of transport by EMS was about 43 $ . The price of the plant content, 5 Dischidia non rooted cuttings, was much lower : only 9 $.
This value was on the invoice and on the EMS slip too. Did the Italian customs officer deem the value too small to be right ? Maybe; they informed on the track and trace site that the invoice was missing and then that the consignee should contact the customs at a number ( CONTATTARE 803.160 ), probably to confirm this value; the message was posted 3 times. As a result the shipment was delayed and finally ready to be delivered but consignee was absent. All this mess of time and money, just for 5 small cuts of plants, legally sent with a phytosanitary certificate. Thumbs up. If you wish to order in Italy please contact us so we can arrange safer and cheaper method of transport and if the mail is EMS please follow up on the tracking site of the Italian post for important messages from the Customs for you... Note that you cannot count on Paypal to decide in your favor if you declined to answer - or if you genuinely did not see - the message from your customs. Paypal considers that Customs formalities, including contact of consignee for confirmation of content or value can't be ignored by the receiver. Here are issues with the Italian customs in a few threads :;topic=14508.0

In the EU countries since 2008 goods up to 150 euro are free of import duty. Only would be levied the VAT, which is not likely to occur given the cost incurred by the operation.
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