Friday, July 13, 2012

Hoya megalaster, Hoya megalantha in the mail

" Hello,
I received the plants today, thank you. But unfortunately the two plants of megalaster are not very healthy, one of the leaves has fallen off and the stem is going yellow, the cutting of megalantha is completely dry (see photos).
I don't understand why the megalaster arrived like that as the other two plants arrived very well... "

Aleyagarden answers :
Ths article below explains briefly why plants shed some parts when they are under stress. Regarding your Hoya in pictures, H. megalantha , even if sent in good size, has a thin stem. H megalaster has much larger stems but both are not so easy travellers. Some importers report that non rooted cuttings are a better option as plants don't use energy to maintain alive their root system. ( Usually at Aleyagarden they import cuttings in envelopes ) With basic care after arrival ( a warm bath with sugar instead of the more sophsticated use of hormones indicated in this article below ), and long travel above 12 days, importing non rooted cuttings of H megalantha would also be very risky.
However regarding the H megalaster on your picture, for a travel that lasted about 15 days it doesn't appear in a so bad shape. As long as the stems are green inside the dormancy of the plants can always be broken down.
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