Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Aleyagarden location on map

Aleyagarden ( tel one day before your visit at 081 837 73 93 for appointment or email to aleyagarden@hotmail.com   ) is 35 km from PHUKET AIRPORT at Ban Bang Pla village in the province of Phang Nga. If you come from Phuket or Khao Lak, Ban Bang Pla is on the left side of the main road # 4. Please enlarge the maps below.

Coming from Phuket airport ( from the south )  : at the V junction of Khok Kloi Bus station take the road that goes to the right, in the direction of Phang Nga. ( The left road goes to Khok Kloi city and Khao Lak. )

If you come from Khao Lak ( from the north ) : when entering Khok Kloi at the cross-roads, take the road to your left.( the road to the right goes to beaches and the road straight ahead to Phuket )

The entry to our village Ban Bang Pla is only 2 km after the last junction ( Lo Yung junction ). There is a single tall, large old forest tree at this junction.

Shop keepers along the road # 4 will tell you where to leave it to enter the Ban Bang Pla path ( soi ) : watch on the main road for this black & yellow bump road sign below, it is just at the entry where main road and path to Ban Bang Pla link.

Once on the path ( soi ) go straight : cross the small bridge, your in Ban Bang Pla - please drive very slowly - stay on the central path, and leave the village : you cross plantations, Aleyagarden house is the first that you meet on your right. Beware of elephants : drive slowly they may be working in plantations and travel on the road.

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