Friday, May 15, 2015

Hoya patella seeds germinate 52 days after collect

" Hi Aleya, I have great news: at least 3 seeds of patella are sprouting!!
I probably planted it 35 days or more after you sent me. "

 This is very interesting, this message is not unique we have been confirmed a few times already that the Hoya seeds sprouted several weeks after harvest, also sometimes after planting, although early planting is in general more successful according to our own experiments;

below are the patella seeds packed : harvested on 23 mars, packed and shipped on 25 mars. Some Hoya patella seeds dry and others in the humid bag.

The letter was received around 15 May - yes they have a very slow postal system !

Some of the dry patella seeds just sprouted and those in the bag did not make it after so many days : 52 !!!

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