Monday, October 19, 2015

Seeds of Hoya meredithii

Most Hoya varieties always produce seeds with high germination rates if planted soon after collect, ( we plant them in germinating bags ) others produce only non fertile seeds.

The test at this link shows how fertility is affected by the length of time between collect and planting :

Also some pods seem to give more viable seeds than other pods on the same plant.

But Hoya seeds can also be viable and dormant, their dormancy can last several months.  

The germination rate of Hoya meredithii seeds ( in picture below ) can be very low :  from a pod of selected meredithii seeds ( the flat seeds were discarded ) only one germinated in about 40

 photo meredith_zpstyak9vaa.jpg

The followings Hoya seeds seem to have low or no germination :

carnosa red
sweet scent
longifolia long leaf
mindorensis pink
parasitika x pachiclada
estrella waterfall
mindo purple star
sp 7 35
pubicalyx red button

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