Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hoya imperialis white : limited success with planting cuts or not ?

Comment about Hoya imperialis white
" ... Thanks for good cooperation. Packet came safely, it was captured on the border, but everything is OK with plants. They are in good condition, the small rooted are in the best look, but I have problem with one plant... It is the second time, it comes to me in very bad condition - .. Hoya imperialis white. .. it had yellow leaves and .. completely dropped out. Only one leaf stayed with plant, but it soon got yellow and went away... "
Comment by aleyagarden
  In our humid environment Imperialis is much harder to grow, perhaps even harder than praetorii, we also lose a lot of imperialis. At the moment out of 50 cuts in our nursery we are expecting to get only 2. This is why it is so expensive. We have tried everything , shade, chemicals etc the rate of survival is very low.

However a Hoya collector in Europe posted this message, saying that even without leaves she successfully plant Hoya imperialis cuts. 

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