Sunday, October 3, 2010

gel or plastic bag

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I have a suggestion . . . if ever you DO order from Aleya Garden, order 10-11 cuttings. You get a 20% discount for 10 or more, and a permit is not necessary if you order less than 13. And pay for the EMS! Oh, and tell them NOT to put a plastic bag around the entire order. That was DEATH for all in the last shipment. That stupid bag. :(

Aleyagarden's comment :
There is no need to : "..
tell them NOT to put a plastic bag around the entire order." Aleyagarden resent new plants to replace the dead ones because they mistakenly had sent with the small parcel option instead of EMS. [ Whenever mistakes occur from Aleyagarden they either refund or replace plants guaranteeing the 100% consumer's satisfaction. ] The buyer had placed her order requesting that the plants be shipped with a plastic bag and gel. The combination of the 2 could have been satisfactory for a travel in a few days, but not for a 12 days trip. ( the use of gel or plastic bag but not both is certainly safer)

Aleyagarden uses plastic bags to wrap whole plants only on request; without a note from the buyer plants are sent with a by default packing method using only paper, and moss for cuttings in parcels. Plastic bags are used to wrap the roots of plants only.

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