Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Plants in envelopes to Danmark in about 4 days

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Hej everyone!

I'm one of those regular people who some years ago "have been bit by the Hoya bug" .You all know the treatment is "more hoya"(pretty expansive!!!)
I'm also a BIG fan of Hoya forum and I enjoy very much your "company".
Of course ,I could not resist getting a few more Hoyas because it was a lot of sunshine here last week.
So I've ordered 10 cuttings from Aleyagarden because I have been "caught" twice (with rooted hoya from another vendor;not lucky customs did open the box !!!!!) followed by a supernasty letter from the Dept of Agriculture.
My 5 envelopes( separate envelopes x 2 the 10 cuttings )of hoyas from Aleyagarden arrived in about 4 days,very well packed,larger than expected,and sooooo fast!
Just wanted everyone to know that I am experimenting with envelopes of hoya,a real good experience ! Thanks all !You are really great!

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