Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Growing techniques of ''forced'' plants

Why do your hoya cuttings don't have the dark green color I am used to see from local suppliers ? ( in the west )

Good question ! the point is related to marketing strategies of by the big plant businesses, based on buyer impressions, consumer habits..

All professional people acquainted with plant growing techniques of various species would tell you : beware of forced plants under excessive periods of light , overfed, over-watered plants, especially succulents grown with hydroponic devices that fatten them; because behind the nice look, the fat and dark green appearance their longevity tends to be shorter and they may even bear a high risk of failing to adjust a change in their growing conditions. Giant suppliers of commercial orchids, cacti etc to the big distribution channels know these tricks very well. But it is difficult to be convincing about this matter in the west; experience with many plants can be a guide by allowing large scale comparisons between normally raised and forced groups of plants.

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