Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hoya campanulata, a fragile plant with a higher risk

Today is Nov.16,2010 24 days since my purchase of 11 Hoya cuttings received from you on Oct.23, 2010 It has been a total of 34 days since the cuttings were taken by yourselves on Oct.13, 2010 in preparation for shipment to me.

I am happy to report that 9 of the 11 cutting developed terrestrial roots and were transferred into soil on Nov.13,2010. They were subjected to 16 hrs. of light /400 watts of CFL. Steady room temperature of between 72-85 degrees. 50-60 % R.H. Heating mat under cuttings. Pictures attached.(as of Nov.16,2010) I appears as if I am going to be successful here! 1 of the 11 cuttings did not survive. H.campanulata never developed roots and was handled and propagated in the same manner as those that did develop roots. H.campanulata I believe was D.O.A. (dead on arrival) and did not make the trip. The remaining failed cutting, H.Kenejiana was removed from propagation on Nov.13,2010-recut-growth hormone- placed back into a plastic bag as a 'final attempt' of regenerating this cutting. I will let you know if after 34 + days this cutting catches. I planted it directly into soil and skipped the soiless mix.
Both these cuttings were noted to be smaller in stem diameter and appeared (the most) dehydrated upon arrival.
My estimated cost accounting for the one loss now averages approx. $10.00 USD per cutting. I will contact you again for future orders.

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