Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hoya leaves with a darker green under lower temperatures

Read this somewhere on a forum : '' Once I had some cuttings sent to me from the states and for some reason getting anything sent from the states to Canada all ways take over 3 weeks but the cuttings looked great. I just dont know why the stuff from some vender's in Thailand come half dead. "
" Quel paradoxe !? " would a French fellow say. It is indeed surprising that they take longer from the USA but look great and from some Thai vendors arrive half dead after a shorter travel.
There would be several explanations for this assessment, see below my comment.
One day a Hoya addict in Canada reported to me that his hoya coming from nurseries in Australia and Thailand would always look different than those grown in western homes ( hence under artificial conditions ) .
It is worthy to note that hoya plants growing under tropical temperature have a lighter green than those grown at lower temperature. It is not just a matter of artificial versus natural conditions of growing : you would see Hoyas in Thai nurseries in December or January, the coldest months of the year with a much darker green than during the rest of the year !

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