Monday, May 6, 2013

Ultra fast delivery in Switzerland

.... it`s amazing!!! this morning, around 09:00 o`clock, arrives my hoyapost!!!
all in best condition and soooo big!!! now i forget all all-around me and i getting to pot in the plant! and find places...if is possible...hahaha!! again very very 1000s of thank you very much!! ....

A very nice message that everyone here at aleyagarden appreciates ( like all messages received so far by the way ...)

Comment by aleyagarden : this quick parcel ( EMS ) to a city in Switzerland was posted on Tuesday 10 May at 16 : 26 Swiss time and was delivered on Thursday 12 May at around 9 : 00.

So it clearly took less than 24 hours for the parcel to arrive at the post office and be ready for the morning delivery ! Postal parcel travel on the next passenger flight, whatever the day of the week, they don't wait for the departure of non daily cargo planes and may be delivered surprisingly fast sometimes !

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