Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hoya lacunosa seedlings that look different

Left : Hoya lacunosa grown from cut, right : a seedling of the species.

The upper picture shows two plants of the same species of Hoya : the lacunosa. They are the same in theory but they really look different : the one with the small leaves has grown from a cut while the one on the right is from a seed.

If we had not know the seed was from a lacunosa possibly we might not have identified it as a lacunosa ! Indeed two Hoya lacunosa grown from cuts taken on the parent of the left one would never show such surprising differences. Growing Hoya from seeds is a good way to increase biodiversity !

 Hoya seedlings bring so many unexpected results ! in this picture on the left we got two Hoya lacunosa seedlings : none of the two has the small sized leaves of the lacunosa grown from cut above, and the seedling on the left has distinctly rounder and larger leaves. They are approximately the same age.

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