Thursday, October 6, 2011

I will buy plants in Thailand, how will I get the phytosanitary certificate ?

I am from Europe and I intend to buy plants in Thailand, what do I need to get the phytosanitary certificate ?

You can have this certificate ( from the Office of the plant protection, at Kasertsart University, on Pahonyotin road ) only if you show there a document, such as an invoice and a certifying letter provided by a shop with a registered production site where the plants are, at least for 9 weeks before sending, periodically controlled on site, along with pesticide uses and treatments. On 6 October 2011 only 2 nurseries are registered and recommended by the Thailand Office of plant protection, that are online plant shops selling wholesale and retail a relatively large range of plants. Aleyagarden, based in Nonthaburi and Phang Nga is one of the two but they don't sell in Chatuchak market.
In order to know the list of the registered retail plant shops you may contact the National Bureau of Agriculture an Food Standards

If you are not from Europe you can have the plants inspected at Kasertsart University and certified without documents from producers. The CITES office and the plant protection office are on two different locations on the campus.
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