Sunday, October 9, 2011

Aleyagarden by - default packing

Aleyagarden ships by default Hoya non rooted cuttings with tips in sphagnum moss as shown on the picture to the left,
and paper.

Other options indicated by our buyers in their order include for free : gel in the
carton, wrapping in plastic bags, fungicide treatment, spray of a chitosan based solution on leaves, tips in water filled vials. All methods have pros and cons. Using gel or plastic bag decreases the risk of dehydration but cause rot during long travel under heat ( but gel and plastic bags are not advised ) : tell Aleyagarden in a note your packing options. Without your note the plants are shipped according to the by default method described above shown on the picture.

The picture to the right shows plastic bags wrapping the base of rooted Hoya : this is the by default method of packing Hoya rooted plants.

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