Saturday, December 17, 2011

Red leaves on Hoya lacunosa x obscura, Hoya obscura, Hoya sunaise

These three Hoya have some similarities and bear more or less red leaves. The occurrence of red pigments in leaves is known as a protection against the light.

Starting from the left : two Hoya lacunosa x obscura, the first one has light green leaves, on the second ( visible pot ) the leaves are darker. The difference is caused by exposition to light.

Then Hoya obscura and to the foremost right is a Hoya known among some growers under the name Hoya sunaise, other growers call it Hoya obscura Major.

Left : H. obscura, right : H. sunaise
H. sunaise has more rigid and narrower leaves

From left to right : red patches on the leaves, pointing down on H. obscura, smallest on H. lacunosa x obscura and redder and rigid on H. sunaise.

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Wow...thank you for educating more on Hoya Obscura. Really love your aleyagarden. CHEERS...