Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hoya lasiantha : a fragile Hoya with a lesser survival rate

 " ..The H. Lasiantha and the H. Obscura are both dead. They continued to lose leaves. When a branch lost all its leaves it immediately went brown and dry. With one branch left on both plants the stem has now gone to mush and is shriveling.

Is this a disease of some sort? Are my other plants in danger? I know how to handle parasites like aphids and mealy bugs, and this is not the problem.

Any insight is welcome since these plants came from your greenhouse."
No it is not at the beginning a problem of disease. Here in a perfect habitat for the plants, a forest setting, we observe that some Hoya are harder to restart or propagate than others. H lasiantha is one of these. When we explore the rainforests and other types of forests we also observe that some Hoya occur more often than others, for instance in more disturbed places and those are also easier to propagate ex situ. So it is not a problem of disease sent with the plants.
Some experts link the success of survival rates to the use of hormones but their use may be costly and they can hardly be advised for the care of such plants. Also using these chemicals requires a significant experience from our point of view.

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