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I have received my plant - very fast shipping and well packed however ..

Hoya obtusifolioides rooted plant before packing, shipped by small parcel air 6$, travel to Europe within a week.

Your complaint :
" I have recieved my plant - very fast shipping and well packed, however, I was not very pleased with the plant!

First 30-40cm had no leaves (!) only naked stem. At least three cuttings have earlier been taken from this and therefore no growing point.

It looked more like an old (semi-discarted) motherplant - not a rooted cutting. Sorry to say, but I was very dissapointed "

Aleyagarden's answer :

A management guru wrote : " Customers perceive service in their own unique, idiosyncratic, emotional, irrational, end-of-the-day, and totally human terms... " and taught that companies should adapt to this.
However here, at aleyagarden we think that the buyer - seller relationship should be based more importantly on mutual respect and transparency of information, we do not sell dreams and do not want our buyers to expect it from

I understand that you are not complaining about the features of the plant not matching the descripton page and the conditons of sale page : we indeed sent you a healthy rooted hoya that weighed around 105 gr including package , had a sufficient rooting and had not been grown with over fertilization over lighting methods etc. The price was 10 $.

You also mention that it was well packed and, I notice incidentally that you received it fast, from 5 days to a week. ( please note also that our plants are shipped only a few hours after packing )
You do not mention that it was difficult to find on homepage the link to the pictures, posted every week, of all our plants and cuts sent to our retail customers, so that potential buyers can know what would probably be their own purchases.

Your complaint is about the fact that the plant had been trimmed, had 30 cm without grown leaves on this part of the stem and was not a young plant. A picture of your plant was taken before packing and is at the top of this page.

The plant indeed was not too young , but less than two years old, it was longer than it could have been and departed with many leaves, so it weighed not less than anticipated in our cond. of sale page. It was healthy, without spots or marks of diseases. The picture of your plant above shows these features.

The plants that we sell must be trimmed in order to limit their weight; please let me remind you that the cost of transport ( Small Parcel Air ) was only 6 $ as you did not take a phytosantary certificate. Let us remind you again that the plant price was 10 $.

You say that there is no growing point where the plant was trimmed to make cuts. You seem to make a confusion here. Trimming does boost the new growth of a Hoya plant with new growing points ( new shoots ). However if we are talking about flower trims that include peduncles ( stalks ), which is a different issue, then a new flower bud will not appear at the trimming point. On the contrary by not trimming on a plant the old peduncles you allow new buds to start on them ( which is uncommon, with most plant genus new buds don't appear on old peduncles ). Trimming cuts and trimming flowers are not the same thing.

We could not do better than sending you the plant  that is on the picture above; but can we advise you to restrict your purchases to shops that sell heavier plants or arranged in a way that you will find aesthetically pleasing ?

Kind regards,
aleyagarden team

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