Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A 100% survival when outside humidity was 30 % : inside humidity was maintained at 85% in the grow room

Aleyagarden has sent in June to the USA many Hoya non rooted cuttings by EMS parcels to a buyer who received them fast because he had an import permit ( not mandatory for only 12 plants ) . Despite relative humidity in June from 25 to 35 % in his town , he was 100 % successful ( a 100% survival rate ) mainly because he is using a grow room for rooting at around 26 Celsius and 85% humidity :

" I just wanted to let you know that my last two Hoya shipments, including replacements, got here without incident ( Aleyagarden note : replacements were a few cuttings sent at 50% of their price in the second parcel ) . The Hoyas that didn't travel too well the first time around did not travel well the second time around either, but the survival rate will be 100% nonetheless. For whatever reason, Ischnopus had the roughest time. The second time around it arrived with no leaves, but what I was able to keep going has rooted well and is sending out leaves and vines on two partial cuttings. Overall, many of the cuttings I received have started producing leaves and vines in a little over a month. I've been running my grow room at 80 degrees and 85% humidity during the day and some things are growing like weeds. The fastest being Graveolens, UT-001 and Austrailis White Margins. Megalaster lost many leaves but even the bare vines started rooting in 4-5 days. So I'd say that my orders were successful. " 

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