Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mites species belonging to two common genera (Tenuipalpus and Brevipalpus) are known to attack economic plants and cause significant damages.

Tenuipalpidae, also called "flat mites" or "false spider mites", are closely related to the Tetranychidae. They are reddish, slow moving, and normally feed near the midrib or veins on the underside of leaves. Tenuipalpus pacificus attacks orchids.

Brevipalpus obovatus and Brevipalpus phoenicis attack over 50 genera of ornamental plants. 

In the two pictures below are mites of the Tenuipalpus genus

Mite of the Tenuipalpus genus

Mite of the Tenuipalpus genus

Brevipalpus phoenicis

The flat mite Brevipalpus phoenicis ( on the left ) has become established in numerous southern states of the USA, throughout the mainland from Florida to California, and also in Hawaii.

More on the mites of Southeast Asia…/016%20Allies%20and%20Ins…/Mites/

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