Friday, September 9, 2011

Express service for envelopes to Brazil

Is there an express service like EMS for envelopes to Brazil ?
Yes EMS document, but it is expensive.
Please click on the picture to see all the available options for a 135 gr content. The Additional column is for additional registration.

In September 2011 it would cost 900 + registration 65 THB to send an EMS envelope of 135 gr.

At a Paypal rate of 28.6 THB per $ and their 3.5% fee we get : 965/28.6 = 33.75$; x 3.5% = 1.18. Adding a part of the fixed fee of 0.35$ per transaction we get a total of 35$

For the other options the calculation is the same, for instance with Small Parcel Air at 90 THB : 90+65 /28.6, x 3.5% and rounding up to add part of the fixed Paypal fee.

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