Saturday, September 17, 2011

Floods in Nonthaburi disrupt Aleyagarden posting schedules

Aleyagarden is located in Phang Nga and Nonthaburi; the latter province is hard-hit by floods from September to November, that seem to increase every year. Collapsing structures such as dams or gates render flood levels difficult to predict and protect against. As Aleyagarden produce Hoya and other collection plants on their sites in Nonthaburi and Phang Nga provinces their customers can be assured that the plants are available, and usually in good sizes : it takes a few minutes at the nursery to pick them up, there is no need for re supplying to use roads that can be cut off. However the dates of shipping may be disrupted.

There could be a positive outcome of these record high floods : to make us understand that we can respond to a high loss of value by sharing a part of it socially, instead of using poisonous chemicals to all leaving organisms in some illusory battles against pathogens : some assistance taken from taxes will be granted to some of the poorest who suffered most and to some companies. We cannot avoid this way to combat floods that will be increasing each year to already unbearable levels. Instead of using poisonous chemicals to cope with the
agriculture and horticulture losses which are driven by pathogen bearing insects we should follow the example of what we are already doing with the floods : accept to some extent the losses and bear them collectively. It is a great chance that lobbies of the pesticide industries have nothing to offer to combat the floods.

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