Friday, September 23, 2011

Hoya gardening in bottles ?

It would be great to ship Hoya rooted in closed bottles, assuming that, in their own environment where they rooted and exchanged, they could do better than sent bare rooted in cartons. But plants need air around them. Here are two pictures showing an experiment with Hoya : cuttings were inserted in humid sphagnum moss in those bottles. Although caps were not on at the beginning only 30% survived fungi infections .. but they did poorly.

In a similar experiment with Pachira seeds in smaller bottles, sown while caps were removed, fungi covered the seed on the left, the seedling on the right is doing poorly.

No doubt that what makes problem is the size
of the containers and the water adjustment.. Experienced growers know that large enough closed containers for air circulation are effective to grow plants.

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1 comment:

sonia polonio said...

I'm sad not to have succeeded in the attempt to hoya grow bottles.
I hope the improvement of the crop in the bottle, so I can buy hoyas most delicate that can not survive the long trip.
Good luck!